How to create a timeline shortcut in Windows 10


On the update of windows in October and April, Microsoft enhanced the function of virtual desktop to have the timeline feature, which is very practical. However, many readers like to keep the status bar clean and tidy. They don’t want the virtual desktop (timeline) button on the right side of Cortana search bar (or Icon) to be displayed all the time. In fact, if we want to make the status bar more concise, we can replace it with a desktop shortcut Instead of the virtual desktop (timeline) button on the taskbar, today’s tutorial will teach you how to do it.

1. Right click in the blank space of the desktop and select “new shortcut”;

2, will:

explorer shell:::{3080F90E-D7AD-11D9-BD98-0000947B0257}

Enter “please type the object location” as follows:

3. Click the “next” button to edit the shortcut key name, such as “timeline”;

Click finish and a new icon will appear on the desktop.

4. Let’s modify the icon. Select the icon, right-click, click “properties”, select and then click “change icon”

Click the “Browse” button and choose any icon we like.

To download the timeline icon, click here.

5. Click the “OK” button, and the shortcut to the timeline will be generated.

Double click the shortcut and windows 10 will display the timeline.

OK, that’s all about how to create a timeline shortcut in Windows 10. To learn more about popular science or use tutorials, please follow developepaar.