How to crack the CentOS system password?


It’s very easy to crack the password under windows, and it’s not difficult to crack under Linux. You only need to enter a single user, and then reset the password with a very simple command.

1. Press any key when turning on the interface

2. Press e to edit the Linux boot level

3. Select the second one and press e to enter

4. Space input 1 or single

5. Then press enter to return to grub and press B to enter single user mode

6. Enter the single user interface, enter the B interface, passwd user name, and then enter the password to be modified to prompt that all authentication passwords are successfully updated, so that the password is successfully modified. After password modification, enter init 3 to enter multi-user mode.

matters needing attention:If there is no prompt to enter a new password after entering the passwd user name, SELinux needs to be closed temporarily. Enter the setenforce 0 command to close SELinux so that you can change your password in single user mode.

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