How to crack pychar 2021.1.0? JetBrains family bucket activation pycharm2021 detailed graphic tutorial


This paper introduces a novel infinite trial method to activate JetBrains family bucket. The following example takes pychar as an example. Other ides such as idea, webstorm and GoLand are similar.

Pycharm activation code 2021 is an activation file for pycharm software. The activation file can perfectly activate the software, making it more convenient for users to use the software and activate it permanently at no cost. This software is an HPH integrated development environment for professional developers. It is a special ide of python, and its state is similar to Java’s ide eclipse. Moreover, the main interface of the software is simple and cool, very comfortable to use, and all function keys are displayed on the screen. Even if you are a novice, you can use it quickly. Moreover, the software supports the comprehensive development of Python. Whether it is data science or non data science projects, it can well meet the different needs of developers. However, since the software needs to be purchased for a fee, the activation code brought by Xiaobian can effectively ensure the permanent online activation of the software. After activation, all functions will be tried for free.

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JetBrains pycharm Pro 2020.1 (PC) official version with installation tutorial
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2020-04-21Download now

1. Download the patch

JetBrains pycharm 2021.1.0 activation tutorial: the first method

JetBrains PyCharm The activation patch / activation steps of the latest 2021.1 version are the same as those of the latest 2020 version!

2021.1 installation steps(Please disconnect, install and activate! Please disconnect, install and activate! Please disconnect, install and activate!use:The firewall of win7 / win10 system prohibits the networking of a single application, and the steps prohibit the software from accessing the Internet quickly

PS: before installing the latest version, be sure to uninstall the previous version, then open “use tutorial – reset_script”, and double-click “reset_jetbrains_eval_windows. VBS” to run. In this way, there will be no problem installing the software!

1. Download the latest version from the official website of JetBrains pycharm, and double-click “pycharm-professional-2020.3.5. Exe” to start the installation, as shown in the figure

2. Select the software installation directory and click next to continue the installation, as shown in the figure

3. Selection64 bit laudher, select as needed below, as shown in the figure

4. Click “Install” to start installing the software, as shown in the figure

5. Wait for the installation to complete, as shown in the figure

6. After installation, check run pycharm to start installing the software, as shown in the figure

7. Select as needed and click OK, as shown in the figure

8. Choose a 30 day free trial, as shown in the figure

9.Drag the “betterintellij. Zip” file to the software interface (PS: do not unzip the betterintellij. Zip file, remember!), as shown in the figure

10. Click restart(PS: if this pop-up window does not appear, please continue to drag the file.), as shown in the figure

11. Clickhelp-register, as shown in the figure

12. Click“add new license” ,As shown in the figure

13. Select “activation” in the middle;

Then, open the activation patch key and copy the activation code inside, as shown in the figure

14. Click activate, as shown in the figure

15. Activation is completed, as shown in the figure

The second method

After downloading, you don’t need to decompress, you don’t need to decompress, you don’t need to decompress!

2. Click try (if the following interface is not opened, please ignore it and look down) (the software should not be opened as an administrator)

(if you can’t click trial, continue to see below)

If you can’t click the trial button and the following prompt appears, cross it directly to enter the software

Unable to click the trial button, the following prompt will appear and cross it out directly. The operation after entering the software needs to be faster. You can’t exit after a period of time

3. After the trial, enter the following work panel to create a new project. Go directly to the next step and enter the interior of the software (not this interface)

Enter the following interface:

The window system directly drags the compressed file into the following working interface;

In the MAC system, if the downloaded compressed file is automatically decompressed, please drag ide-eval-reset-2.1.9.jar under the compressed folder lib. If the compressed file is not automatically decompressed, you can drag it

After that, you are prompted to restart. Click restart. If you are not prompted to restart, look down

If there is no prompt to restart, but a prompt appears in the lower right corner of the software that ide Eval has been successfully installed, you can restart the software manually

4. After restarting, find Eval reset and click Reset according to the following method

Check auto reset before per restart, and the trial time will be reset automatically and regularly, so that you will be activated once and for all, and the activation window will no longer pop up to disturb you)

When the software exits and restarts, the activation is successful

Note: this method is the latest unlimited trial activation method. After operation, it will be displayed as a trial for 30 days, and will be automatically reset when it expires, so as to achieve the purpose of permanent activation. Don’t think it has not been activated successfully! More stable, no sealing!