How to crack devexpress 16.2


How to crack and sinicize deveexpress 16.2? Deveexpress is a well-known tool software of interface control suite. Devoxpress provides a series of dotnet interface controls for the interface control suite. The development space of devexpress is very practical and efficient. It not only has friendly interface and simple operation, but also has rich functions and can be easily customized. It is suitable for all kinds of desktop, web applications and mobile development, especially good at WinForms ASP.NET WPF application development is a good choice for programmers. Next, I’ll introduce the methods of cracking, installing and sinicizing of dev express 16.2. Let’s have a look!

Software name:
Devexpress universal 20.1.3 official Chinese package + special edition of registration machine (with installation tutorial). Net control package
Software size:
Update time:
2020-05-13Download now

Devxex 16.2 cracking tutorial

① Devixpressuniversal trialcomplete is the initial installation package of this version, which contains all components.

② Devixpresscomponents is the control installation package. Hotfix is followed by version number and serial number.

1. First, double-click the “devexpressuniversal trialcomplete” program installation package to pop up the main installation window. Click the “trial installation” button to enter the suite selection interface, which is used to select the devexpress components we want to install. It is recommended to install them by default.

2. Then select the path of the installation location to place C: \ “program files (x86) \ \” devexpress 16.2 \ “components\

, click Browse to modify, and then click Install to start the installation

3. Please wait patiently to load the software, and select “finish” after the installation.

4. Install deveexpress, close visual studio 2017 and open DevExpress.Patch.exe Click the apply patch button to crack the DLL.

5. After successful cracking, the prompt message “I’m done” will pop up.

6. Double click to open DevExpress.Patch.Vsix In the catalogue DevExpress.Patch.vsix To install (need to download visual studio 2017).

7. After the above process, the installation and cracking process of devxex 16.2 is completed. We can see all the control collections of devxex WinForms in the visual studio toolbox. The use method is the same as that of ordinary WinForm controls. You can drag them directly to the form to use them.

How to translate devexpress 16.2 into Chinese

1. Decompress the Chinese patch package and put the Chinese folder directly under the program running directory.

Note: the name of the Chinese folder is changed to zh Hans

At the end of the tutorial, the above is about how to crack devexpress 16.2? All the contents of the detailed tutorial about how to crack devexpress 16.2 and Chinese graphics and text, I hope to help you! More wonderful, do in the developer website!

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