How to convert long links to short links?


When sharing links, if the links are very long, it is easy to lead to incomplete copy of the links, so the links cannot be opened. Moreover, long links will give people a feeling of insecurity and reliability because they are too long, and the number of clicks will be greatly reduced. The short link is actually to show the long link in a simple form, adding a “package” to the long link to make the link look more concise and increase the number of clicks.

What are the advantages of short links?
1. Look neat and tidy, increase click and improve user experience.
2. Protect long links and reduce risks appropriately.
3. Save space. For example, some social networking sites will require the number of words.
4. It is easy to trace and can be used for data analysis.

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The following short links are generated for reference:
How to convert long links to short links?