How to control local area network in computer to restrict users from accessing www extranet


In order to facilitate the management of computer users, some users will set restrictions on access to the Internet, such as parents’ control of children’s use of computers and enterprise’s work management of employees, which will be used. So how to achieve this effect? Take a look at the following tutorial and you’ll see.


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Method 11. Open the Internet option, switch to the content tab, and click the family safety button;


2. Select or create the account you want to monitor;


3. You can set restriction policies for the current user. Take setting the access network parameters as an example, click network filtering;


4. In the network screening, check to only visit the websites I allow, and click allow or block specific websites at the same time;


5. Finally, in the allowed or disabled website interface, enter the website to be allowed or disabled, and click the allow or block button.


Method 21. For all the computers in LAN, we can use Jusheng network management system to realize the strategy of restricting access to WWW network in batches. For this, search and download this tool directly in Baidu;


2. Install and run the tool. From the main interface of the program, click the configure policy button, and from the pop-up policy management interface, click the new policy button to create a new policy;


3. From the open policy editing interface, switch to the network restrictions tab, check the enable www access restriction item, and then check the “prohibit access to the WWW” item to restrict access to the Internet, or access the LAN computer to the Internet according to the rules;


4. After the corresponding policy is edited, click the enable monitoring button, and all computers connected to the current LAN will be listed automatically;


5. If you want to set restrictions on access to the WWW Internet for a computer, you just need to right-click the corresponding computer and select assign policy item for the selected host from its right-click menu;


6. The reassignment policy window as shown in the figure will pop up. Select the newly created restricted access www policy from the drop-down list.


The above is in the computer how to use the control LAN to restrict users to access the WWW extranet tutorial, need friends to have a look, more wonderful tutorial, please pay attention to developeppaer!