How to connect two monitors to a host? Teach you how to set up two monitors on a computer


Our computer has two monitors, which can be said to be very aggressive. One can be used to play games and the other can watch small movies. You can also turn on the video and watch a small movie. It can be said that it is refreshing. Next, Xiaobian will tell you how to set up two monitors on a computer.

Teach you how to set up two monitors on one computer:

Nowadays, many friends need to use two monitors when working, but how to set two monitors on a host to ensure that the two monitors can work normally? First, we need a dual display graphics card or two independent graphics cards to connect the dual displays.

1. For a computer, two monitors must be supported by a graphics card. There must be two or more different interfaces on the graphics card. For example, the following graphics card has three interfaces, namely HDMI + VGA + DVI, that is, this graphics card can connect up to three monitors. We need to connect two monitors. All of them use HDMI interface and VGA interface.

2. Next, we need two monitors with HDMI and VGA interfaces to go to the next step.

3. Then connect the connection port of the graphics card and the computer monitor with the connecting cable.

4. After the connection is successful, enter the computer system. Take win7 as an example, right-click the blank space on the desktop, select the screen resolution to open it, then select to expand these displays in multiple displays, click OK and apply.

The above is the way to set up two monitors on one computer.