How to configure the local server? How to configure the local server


Sublime text 3 to configure the local server is to let HTML code run in the local server. How to configure the local server? Let’s take a look at the detailed tutorial.

Software name:
Code editing software (sublime text 3) v3.3126 Chinese green version
Software size:

1. We need to use a plug-in to implement the same. Open sublime, use the shortcut key [Ctrl + Shift + P] or click“Preferences”=> “Package controll”Go to the plug-in installation panel

2. Enter the command“Install Package”, click on a command that appears below

3. Then we just need to enter the plug-in name.“sublimeserver”Then click the first search result, the plug-in will be installed automatically, just wait for a while!

4. Then in the menu“Tools”Next, you can find the function of “sublimeserver” startup. Click“Strat SublimeServer”To start the server.

Be careful: you need to add a project (folder) on the left to start the server, otherwise the function will not appear

5. After starting the server, we need to run the HTML static page in the server, which can’t be used.“Open In Browser”Instead, use“View In SublimeServer

6. Then the system will automatically open the default browser to run the file.

matters needing attention:

Xiaobian has only tested HTML static files. As for whether PHP and other files can be parsed, you can try it yourself.

The above is the configuration method of sublime local server. I hope you like it. Please continue to pay attention to developer.

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