How to clean up the system cache in win10


The win10 computer will automatically generate some caches during use. Over time, it will occupy a lot of storage space, which will eventually affect the normal running speed of the computer. Users who use the win10 computer for the first time do not know how to clean the cache. In fact, the win10 system itself has the function of cleaning the cache, The following Xiaobian will share with you how to use the built-in cache cleaning of win10 2004 system. Friends in need come and have a look!

How to use the built-in cleaning cache of win10 2004 system

1. We click the start menu in the lower left corner of the desktop and click the settings button.

2. We go to the setup page and click the system button.

3. Enter the system page, we first click the storage option, and then click the C disk option on the right.

4. We go to the C disk page and click the temporary file option.

5. Then click the option to delete the file.

The above is how to use the built-in cache cleaning function of win10 2004. Is it very simple? If you need to clean the computer cache, you might as well use the above method.