How to clean and add silicone grease in computer


After using the notebook for a period of time, it is found that the cooling capacity is reduced. This is why we need to clean the notebook and replace the heat dissipation silicone grease to maintain the heat dissipation performance of the notebook and extend the service life of the internal electronic components. So timely to clean the computer dust is a thing everyone will be able to do, the following small make-up for everyone to talk about computer dust removal, heat dissipation silicone grease tips and precautions.

In this paper, we will introduce the process of removing the dust from the notebook computer.

First of all, I would like to introduce my tools, which are basically common tools (except silicone grease).

Tools: Plum Blossom driver, toothbrush, silicone grease, small cloth

Before dismantling the machine, make sure that the machine has been turned off, wash hands to eliminate static electricity, and then unplug the battery, so as to avoid irreversible damage to the notebook caused by static electricity and electric leakage in the process of dismantling the machine.

Lenovo notebook is easy to dismantle. As long as the back cover is removed, you can see the main notebook accessories including hard disk, CPU, etc. The cover plate can be opened by removing several main screws with a driver.

After removing the heat dissipation baffle, the fan and cooling duct are exposed, so there is no need to “remove the keyboard” and other operations. From this point of view, Lenovo computer is still very good to clean the dust, such a design is also very humanized.

Next, remove the memory module. Then remove the heat dissipation module. Similarly, just remove a few screws. When removing the cooling module, be sure to unplug the power line of the cooling fan, and remember.

Then screw out the three small screws on the fan cover plate, and then take down the fan. After removing the fan, we can completely remove the dust of the cooling scales. Due to the long service life, the heat dissipation silicone grease applied at the connection between the heat dissipation duct and the CPU has solidified. The heat dissipation duct and the CPU are glued together. When we dismantle it, we may need to make it loose slowly. Do not use strong force to avoid unnecessary damage. Take a look at the details. It’s dirty.

When cleaning the fan dust, we can use a brush or soft cloth along the arc direction of the fan to remove the dust on the surface.

If the fan noise, but also to the fan shaft drip some oil, to 2 drops is appropriate.

Next, clean the dust on the motherboard surface. When cleaning the dust on the surface of the motherboard, do not clean it with paper towel, wet towel and rag, so as to avoid damaging the electronic components on the surface of the motherboard. Blow it with air.

Next, use a brush to brush off the dust on the heat dissipation module. The advantage of toothbrush is that it is better to clean the dust, but the disadvantage is that it is not easy to clean the dust inside. You can use air to blow off the dust inside.

Next, remove the silicone grease that has been solidified at the connection between the heat sink and the CPU. Such silicone grease has no auxiliary heat dissipation effect, and may even affect the heat dissipation. We can use a screwdriver to gently remove the silicone grease on the surface of the heat sink.

The next step is to coat the CPU with new silicone grease. When painting to be uniform, do not leave gaps, do not paint too thick, generally a piece of A4 paper thickness is OK.

After applying silicone grease, return the cooling duct and fan, plug the fan plug tightly and tighten all the screws. Finally, start the machine to check whether the fan works normally. The picture below is the one after cleaning up. Is it much cleaner.

About Lenovo notebook dust for silicone grease tutorial will be introduced to you. If you encounter any problems in actual operation, please leave me a message, and I will reply to your message at the first time. In this, I would like to thank you very much for your comments on the developeppaer website