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Recently, when I was developing an app, I always thought, what platform can not only accomplish the task of information push, but also help send messages and share information charts? It is better to complete the task of statistical channel data. On the one hand, the development time is short, on the other hand, the boss needs more, this time I am very headache.


Generally speaking, we use Aurora all the time to push messages. But the boss has always believed that channel statistics and sharing need developers to build their own platform, so that they can output to operators and monitor the effect. But time is money, efficiency is life, saving developers’ time is saving a lot of money.

Until one day, it happened that Aurora had the function of instant messaging and statistics. All of a sudden, I abandoned the cloud and statistics alliance, which is good at instant messaging. Because of the integrated functions of one platform, it’s easier for me to concentrate on completing tasks, instead of spending too much time studying the functions of other platforms.


Some people say that if the functions of several service providers are integrated at the same time, although it is very strong in one aspect, it will increase the cost of other aspects, such as development time cost and communication cost.

To deal with this problem, many service providers have begun to provide a complete set of services to continuously reduce the development cost of enterprises and provide functions suitable for the needs of more enterprises.

For the access side, it only needs to use some customized methods according to the access documents to achieve their own needs.

For individual developers, it is much more convenient for developers who only apply for one platform. If you apply for multiple platforms, on the one hand, account audit is inconvenient to manage. And the document style also has its own merits.


The following is the use of their own dry goods. Recently I want to write an instant messaging project, because I have more contact with Aurora, so I develop it based on aurora

The services used include:

  • Push: Aurora push (jpush)

  • Instant messaging: Aurora im (jmessage)

  • Share: jshare

  • Channel statistics: janalytics

There is also a verification code (JSMs) service, because it is not used in the project, so it is not integrated

Introduction of Aurora related products

  • Jpush push

Jpush is a tested large-scale app push platform, pushing more than 500 million messages a day. Developer integration SDK
After that, the message can be pushed by calling the API. At the same time, jpush provides a visual web console to send notifications and analyze the push effect. Jpush full support
Android, IOS and winphone are three mobile platforms.

It is also the earliest product of Aurora series. When an application is killed, if the aurora push is integrated unilaterally, the apps can be adjusted to each other. But it’s only useful for Android, and there’s a drawback: the wake-up calls between different apps will occupy the memory of the phone, making the phone more and more stuck, but you can choose not to use the pull-up function.

  • Janalytics statistics

In order to provide more comprehensive developer services, Aurora has launched the aurora Statistics (janalytics) by taking advantage of Aurora’s push data and network advantages as well as richer functions. Aurora statistics are independent statistics
SDK enables developers to integrate more conveniently without relying on jpush
It can be used alone. Through concise and intuitive data reports, developers can understand the attributes and usage of users, optimize user experience, and provide effective data support for enterprise decision-making.

At present, there are dozens of Android Market channels, and there are also 78 commonly used ones. Sometimes, you need to obtain more detailed data, including user behavior analysis on different devices and stores, update frequency, and some experience reports, etc.

It is necessary to choose a statistic. After all, it is the era of big data. The development of any product needs to be supported by data.

  • SMS SMS verification code

Aurora provides SMS captcha services for developers, mainly including:

  1. SDK SMS verification function, to meet the app SMS verification needs.

  2. Rest API SMS verification mainly meets the access requirements of websites and other terminals.

The authentication code registration service is a necessary function of every user system. A good authentication service pays more attention to the sending and receiving time of the verification code. If a verification code exceeds 60 seconds, the loss of users almost reaches 90%. Few people will spend such a long time for an unknown service.

From a developer’s point of view, ease of use is just as important as timeliness. Ease of use refers to the man hours consumed in developing this feature. Timeliness involves the time difference between sending and receiving captcha. Similarly, the testers of a technical team should test the functions frequently. If the time is too long, the schedule will be affected.

  • Jshare share

Aurora share is committed to helping applications quickly have the sharing and third-party login functions of domestic mainstream social platforms, providing Sina Weibo, QQ, wechat and other third-party social services; SDK
The package is small in size, low in integration cost, and provides IOS and Android SDK
It also provides statistical functions to facilitate developers to understand the sharing effect of the application, improve the efficiency of product promotion, and help the product gain more users.

Most of them apply for a third-party sharing interface and call them one by one.

Aurora sharing provides a general console on the basis of sharing. We don’t need to call it individually. The content that needs to be shared is directly operated through jshare.

  • Jmessage instant messaging

Aurora im (jmessage) is committed to helping app solve the problem of in app chat and cross app chat. Developers can integrate
SDK, fast realization of stable and reliable chat function. Currently, it provides IOS / Android / Web SDK and rest API
And background management system, to meet the needs of developers in different scenarios, greatly reduce development costs and improve efficiency.

If an enterprise wants to do a simple instant messaging from scratch, it needs the back-end developers and the front-end to complete the requirements. But if it is not a chat based project, such as pulse and Jingdong customer service, it needs a simple communication function, which can be easily realized by a third party.

Front end personnel can do it according to the development documents. The instant messaging demo I am writing is based on jmessage. Basic friend relationship building, data system, and instant conversation function have been realized. Advanced, such as chat, group chat and other functions


When using Aurora IM, users’ login information and some basic information need to be stored locally. These data need to be called in multiple places. The first thing to think about is to establish a local database.

However, through the document, it is found that these operations have been implemented in the integrated package. It really only needs a line of code to add, delete, modify and query a lot of data.

For a new contact area, the most important one is ease of use, whether the user is in the process of using smoothly, whether there are problems, whether the problems raised are handled in time, which is also one of the reasons why we choose aurora.

Every time I encounter a problem that can’t be solved, I can get a reply without waiting for a long time.

On the other hand, the readability of the document and the follow-up of the corresponding demo can greatly save the development time and improve the development efficiency.

Transferred from: Aurora community @ wapchief

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