How to check the USB port on the host computer? How to check whether the USB interface of the computer is damaged


In the process of using the computer, sometimes there is no response when the USB device is plugged in. There may be three reasons. The first is the driver problem, the second is the port hardware damage, and the third is the USB device hardware damage.The general simple method only needs to take a good USB mouse to test the port. This paper investigates the possibility of USB port damage from another method, let’s take a look at the detailed introduction.

1. Press the keyboard key combinationWin+R, enterdevmgmt.mscPress enter to call out the equipment management window;

2. Click in the device management window“Universal serial bus controller”Expand the USB device list;

3. In turnDouble click the generic usb hub device, call up their properties window, and then click the hardware tab;

4. Connect the USB device to the computer, and then click refresh window in the hardware tab,Check whether the connected device has changed, if you’re not sure, try pulling it outClick refresh again,Look at the changes of the connecting equipment to determine which connecting equipment is;

5. After determining the connecting device, check the back of the connecting device“Power required”Whether there is a value in it. If it is 0ma current, it indicates that the USB port may be damaged. Take a normal USB mouse or keyboard and connect it to the port. Refresh the current again to check whether the port is good or bad.

The above is how to check whether the computer USB interface is damaged. I hope you like it. Please continue to pay attention to developeppaer.

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