How to change the window color in the computer?


When using the computer, it often pops up such a window. If you want to change the color of the window, you can’t change it. What can you do? Let’s share the method and learn together!


Step 1: press “Win + R” to open the operation, and enter“gpedit.mscr

Step 2: after entering the local group policy editor, click“User configuration – > management template – > control panel – > personalization”, as shown in the following figure:

Step 3 find it on the right““Prevent changes to window color and appearance”, right click to select“edit

The fourth step is as follows:

Step 5“Enabled“To”not configured”, click OK to finish setting

The above is the computer can not modify the window color solution, the operation is very simple, we can follow the above steps to operate, hope to help you!