How to change MAC memo font? How Apple Mac changes the default font for memos


Mac memo can be seamlessly docked and automatically synchronized with iPhone and iPad. It is a very practical and simple memo tool on Mac platform. For many young Mac users, they don’t like the regular text very much. In fact, the memo in Mac can also change the font. Here’s how to change the default font of MAC memo in PC6 editor.

1. First, find the memo software in launchpad.

2. First we can see the default font style of MAC memo system.

3. Find the “format” column in the top menu bar of the memo application and click to go to the next step.

4. From the drop-down menu, select “format font default font elegant body Jane” and click finish.

5. You can see that the text in the memo has been changed to the display effect of the new font.

6. Click the blank area in the memo page, input the new text, which is still the new font displayed.