How to carry out the work smoothly under the epidemic situation?


The epidemic continues, and telecommuting has not stopped. In order to minimize the risk of the epidemic, the time of telecommuting has been extended once again.

Although the large area of remote office allowed the work to continue during the epidemic period, many people also encountered problems in the process of remote work. Take me for example, since February 3, we have been working remotely for two weeks. During this period, our company encountered many problems in the implementation of remote office!

Today, this paper will be from the attendance office, remote work problems and solutions to two large parts, through our own remote experience, to help more enterprises safely through the special period.

Attendance system, put an end to fishing at work

Telecommuting is a time to test everyone’s own consciousness. Many office workers who “fish” set their alarm clock to clock out and go to bed. They work while watching movies / playing games. Their work tasks can be delayed if they can.

In order to avoid this “salted fish work method”, our company chooses to use the form of “system clock in + video conference + early plan and late report”, clock in according to the normal work and rest, enter the company’s clock in system and punch in online. Hold a meeting in the morning to confirm the work content of today, and then hold a meeting before work to confirm the completion status of the work today. Through the “enterprise wechat” summary of today’s work, form a daily upload.

How to solve the problem in remote process?

The attendance system standardizes the employees’ own behavior, but as an enterprise, it should consider the staff working at home, what problems will be encountered? How to solve these problems? For example, our company has encountered a lot of problems when working remotely.

Unable to access intranet business system:

Most of the company’s business and work progress will use intranet software (OA / ERP / CRM). Because these software can ensure the security of company information, many companies are adopting it. However, these intranet software cannot be accessed by external network, and can only be accessed through internal network of the company.
How to carry out the work smoothly under the epidemic situation?

Encounter this kind of Intranet isolation problem, we chose dandelion remote networking! Connect the P5 router of dandelion into the company network and open the bypass mode, and realize the external access to the internal network equipment / application through the form of virtual local area network.

Unable to access intranet NAS:

Because of its convenient storage and high file privacy, NAS is regarded as a standard configuration for cooperative operation and file storage by many enterprises.

But although NAS is good, it can only be accessed under the same LAN, and can not be accessed by the external network.

Therefore, if you want to access the NAS, but you can’t access it from other places, you can do it through dandelion remote networking.

The file is stored in NAS and the office computer

Enterprises in remote office, in addition to access to intranet software. Some files forget to be uploaded to NAS and stored in the office computer, which cannot be obtained by remote access alone. When working remotely, some software login verification can only be completed through the office computer locally, and remote access is not supported.
How to carry out the work smoothly under the epidemic situation?

In view of this kind of need in the local computer operation remote demand, uses sunflower remote control company computer desktop to solve!

How to carry out the work smoothly under the epidemic situation?

To access the files, you can drag the office computer files to your own computer through the remote desktop, or you can directly access the files through the remote file function.

How to ensure remote security due to high privacy of work:

For some special departments of the company, such as finance, programmers, financial information and code, how to ensure the security of remote process?
How to carry out the work smoothly under the epidemic situation?

Sunflower supports the function of screen video recording. There are three screen recording schemes, which can be selected by you: local video recording at the accused end, screen video recording at the main control terminal, and cloud monitoring video recording (7 days / 30 days). The remote desktop operation can be traced to avoid safety accidents.

No one wants to see the outbreak of this epidemic. We hope that through our own case, we can give you some reference of remote office, and help those enterprises which are still troubled by “remote office” to get out of the predicament.

I believe that in the next period of time, telecommuting will continue. This is a transformation of enterprise informatization and Internet. How to survive this crisis smoothly and how to face the coming of the next crisis are the most important considerations at present.

You are welcome to join us in this article.