How to carry out digital transformation of enterprises? Three underlying logics of digital transformation of traditional enterprises


The key word for the development of traditional enterprises in 2022 is not capital, not the stock market, not the property market, not brand, but five words, digital transformation.

But when encountering these five words, traditional enterprises dare not, cannot, and do not want to transfer. The fundamental reason is that traditional enterprises do not understand the underlying logic of digital transformation. And even if you are only now figuring out the underlying logic of digital transformation, then you are a big step forward than others. At least have some thinking and ideas in the general direction of enterprise digital transformation.

What is the underlying logic of the digital transformation of traditional enterprises? In fact, there are three keywords:

  1. digital technology
  2. Application Scenario
  3. business model

What is digital technology?

Digital technology is like hoes in the agricultural age and electricity in the industrial age. It refers to cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things, mobile Internet, artificial intelligence and other technologies in the digital economy era.

What is an application scenario?

The application scenario is the specific business of the enterprise, just like farming in the agricultural era and electric lights in the industrial era. For example, traditional marketing plus online celebrity live broadcast becomes online marketing.

  1. For example, after your product design uses the cloud platform, it becomes a collaborative design.
  2. For example, when you boarded the train, you used to manually check your ID card. Now, it is face recognition, and artificial intelligence can identify your identity.
  3. For example, your previous traditional procurement used an online system, which is digital procurement.
  4. For example, if your traditional workshop has undergone robot transformation and intelligent transformation, it will become a smart factory.

These are the application scenarios.

What is a business model?

In the agricultural era, plowing the fields to sell food and support the family is a business model. In the industrial age, building factories for rent is also a business model.

The business model must be remembered, it is composed of 12 characters, it is not an art, but a science. What are the 12 words of the business model? That is: the way of generating value, delivering value, and realizing value.

  1. For example, those who used to be real estate agencies now use technology to allow users to find houses on mobile phones, creating one new Internet company after another.
  2. For example, a company that used to make decoration software invested in a customized furniture company, thus changing its business model.
  3. For example, in the past, when selling aircraft engines, it used to be based on how much I would charge for selling an engine, but now it is converted into charging based on the amount of data and services.
  4. Those who sold TVs in the past can’t make any money by selling TVs now. They make money by charging fees for watching programs.
  5. In this way, the business model has changed, because the application of technology, coupled with the application scenario, and finally the innovative integration of the three of them with the business model has formed the underlying logic of the digital transformation of our enterprise.


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How to carry out digital transformation of enterprises? Three underlying logics of digital transformation of traditional enterprises

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