How to capture a circular picture?


On the computer, sometimes we want to capture some areas in the picture to be round, so how to get a round picture? Let’s share my experience and hope to help you. Please support me and comment on the collection.

Software name:
FastStone capture (fscapture) v9.4 final green Chinese version of free image browsing editing and screen capture tools
Software size:
Update time:
2020-08-25Download now

1. To download FastStone capture software, clickturn on the toolbar

2. Click the first button in the toolbar and select import the original image of the area you want to capture to the editor.

3、Select the circle option under the rectangle in the toolbar, press at the same timeShift + AltDraw a circle where you want to intercept the circle.

4. Right click on the round picture to cut it. The picture comes to another interface, which is the round picture you want to get.

5. Click Save as to save the picture to the desktop.

6. Click on the named picture on the desktop, and the round picture will come out.

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