How to build an open source project with more than 10k micro personnel stars


Look, wechat personnel (… The number of stars is over 10K, and the first open-source project with tens of thousands of stars was born.

How to build an open source project with more than 10k micro personnel stars

Two years ago, almost at this time, SongGe’s company’s performance declined seriously. It was a foregone conclusion that the company closed down. Many colleagues were planning a new way out. SongGe was left by the company to deal with the aftermath. In a not too busy day, he made two spring boot + Vue The front and back end of open source projects are separated in order to add some chips to their job search in the next year. Unexpectedly, these two projects have attracted a lot of attention and helped a lot of people. There are many small partners in the company using micro personnel projects for scaffolding development projects, and there are also domestic top 20 university graduate students using micro personnel for reference to complete the design, so I also received some olive branches from large factories, which can be said to be full of harvest.

About the story of the birth of this project, song Ge wrote an article before. For interested partners, please see:

  • The company has been closed for one year, and my project was on the GitHub hot list

Today, I want to talk with my friends about how to build an open source project with tens of thousands of stars from scratch. SongGe summarized these experiences into three points:

  • Document details
  • Items are available.
  • Appropriate publicity

These experiences are not shocking. They are very common. The key lies in implementation.

1. Document details

In fact, before micro HR and V tribe, song Ge had done many open-source projects on GitHub. One of the interesting ones was a custom control on Android. I made a control to display lyrics. After this control was introduced into my own project, the lyrics can be scrolled dynamically according to the current song playing progress, with the effect as follows:

How to build an open source project with more than 10k micro personnel stars

Another interesting app is the app that automatically grabs red packets on Android. However, these open source tools and projects have finally gone to sea.

The reason is that I don’t take these projects seriously enough. After the project is open-source, I haven’t continued to maintain it. Generally, the number of project submissions is one digit. After the project is completed, I will write a blog to introduce it. A project that you don’t attach much importance to is hard to attract others’ attention.

Therefore, in tribe V and micro personnel, I will learn from the lessons and try to write the project documents in detail, so that small partners who do not understand the separation of front and back end development can quickly clarify the ideas of the project after seeing the development documents I wrote. In this way, every time I write a function point, I write a technical document. Before and after the micro personnel project, I have written more than 30 documents:

How to build an open source project with more than 10k micro personnel stars

At the same time, I consider that many small partners are not easy to deal with the project for the first time. Therefore, I will tag the project before each project submission, so that you can pass thegit cloneAfter the command gets the project, you can easily locate it at any time through the tag. For example, if you only want to see the login design, you can go back to v20180107 according to the document introduction:

How to build an open source project with more than 10k micro personnel stars

Small partners can also click release on GitHub to download projects of different periods. At first, I was worried that some of my friends were not familiar with the tag operation on GIT. I also wrote a tutorial for this, which is the 17th part of the above document.

It can be said that in this project, I have considered many problems that my partners may encounter from the beginning to the end, not self congratulation, but really hope to take them off.

Such detailed documents have also been recognized by small partners and some platforms. When the project was just released, that is, at the beginning of 2018, pushed my introduction articles on its official Zhihu account and Weibo account. At that time, the project attracted the attention of many small partners and gained a lot Star, the attention of my friends also encouraged me to move forward with this project.

This is my first point of experience. The document is detailed.

2. Project materials

The project has materials, that is, the project is valuable to everyone and can really help everyone.

Many small partners will feel strange when they see wechat personnel. There are still some functions not implemented in this project. How can so many people pay attention to it? In fact, the reason is very simple. The value of this project lies not in its business, but in the fact that it solves the problems encountered by many small partners in the separation of front and back end development, which is also one of my original intention to do this project.

As a Java siege lion, I am very aware of the puzzles faced by many small partners when they contact Vue, nodejs, spa and front-end engineering concepts, because I have also encountered these puzzles.

For example, after the front and back ends are separated, how to interact with the front and back ends in the development environment, how to manage permissions, how to upload files, how to deploy projects, and so on. I think the little partners may be confused. I directly use the code to make examples in the micro personnel, and then supplemented with detailed text explanation, so that most of the small partners can Fast enough to understand the project.

At the beginning of the establishment of this project, it was positioned as a learning project. The purpose of this project is to help you build a knowledge system of front and rear end separation development, and to solve the common holes in front and rear end separation development,Therefore, once the framework of the project is built successfully, you understand the details of the front-end and back-end separation architecture. The rest of the business is just heap code, which has no technical challenges. This is also the reason why the update of the project is slow in recent period.

This is the second experience I share with you. The project should be valuable.

3. Proper publicity

When micro HR and V tribe were just online, my relevant articles were pushed several times by, which made micro HR receive more attention. In the impression, in less than a month, the number of stars exceeded 1K.

Due to the detailed documents, many tycoons will add micro personnel items when sorting out relevant materials. Many small partners may have seen articles with titles like the following:

  • 13 excellent spring boot learning projects
  • Open source 13 excellent spring boot learning projects!
  • The most popular open source project on GitHub in June
  • The most popular open source project on GitHub in July


Most of these articles will include micro personnel projects, and then expose them to more small partners to learn.

In July this year, thanks to the helplessness of the company when it closed down a year ago, song Ge wrote an article to introduce the birth process of the micro Personnel Project:

  • The company has been closed for one year, and my project was on the GitHub hot list

I didn’t expect that this article was forwarded by a lot of big guys. I knew that the reading volume of this article was more than 12W. During that period, the micro personnel project was also concerned by many small partners in need.

To publicize this part, my experience is that if the project really helps a lot of small partners and has value for many people, you will find the platform, and some influential technical Tauren will naturally help you push.So, I still recommend focusing on the project. The so-called home Wutong tree, attracted Phoenix.

This is my third point of experience, which should be publicized properly.

Well, a little immature experience to share with my friends, I hope to help you.
Focus on official account dry, focus on Spring Boot+ micro service and front end separation technology, share video files regularly, and then reply to Java after receiving attention, and get the Java dry cargo prepared by song brother for you.
How to build an open source project with more than 10k micro personnel stars

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