How to build a standard MFC project in vs2013? Skills of creating MFC project in vs2013


When developing vs2013, we need to use MFC project. How to create MFC project? Now let’s take a look at the detailed tutorial.

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Visual studio 2013 official simplified Chinese flagship / professional official edition (full ISO image of vs2013 MSDN original)
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1. Choose firstFile – New-engineeringAs shown in the picture.

2. Then selectMFC file, as shown in the figure, enter the project name you need, and then confirm to enter the wizard interface.

3. Then enter the wizard setting interface. If the function described in the interface is what you need, click““Complete”That’s it. Next, we will explain the settings behind the wizard. Click“Next step

4. Tips: if you have any unclear options, you can stop the mouse on the interface, and the system will prompt you.

5. This interface is generally used to select the application type. The multi document interface is the most comprehensive, and the design is relatively complicated. In the case of dialog boxes, some functions of the structure can not be used. I’ve suffered losses before. Some functions of the dialog box can’t be used.

6. Composite document. Mainly is whether need container and server, general program does not need, choose“None”, click next

7. File extension.It is mainly used when setting and saving,The file extension associated with the document of the application being used.

8. Database support, if you need to use the database, you can choose

9. User interface function configuration, this is some options of the framework interface, which is the generated program interfaceSome quick functions

10. Advanced function, these functions can be used by default. If you feel that there are too many default functions, you can delete some.

11. Finally, according to the configuration,Generate codeThe class structure of the corresponding code is shown in the figure. Click “finish” to complete an MFC program.

The above is the skills of vs2013 to create MFC project, I hope you like it, please continue to pay attention to developer.

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