How to build a protective wall for data collaboration? Ant financial does this


In recent years, with the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology, its powerful data mining, analysis and other functions also bring potential threats to personal data privacy protection. How to ensure data security and privacy, while making more data fusion produce value, has become a major challenge for all companies using big data and AI in contemporary society. In order to solve this problem, ant financial puts forward a shared intelligence solution.

Shared intelligence is a complete shared intelligence architecture constructed by ant financial services through the use of secure multi-party computing, trusted execution environment and other technologies. In the scenario of multi-party participation and mutual distrust between data providers and platform parties, it can aggregate multi-party information for analysis and machine learning, and ensure that the privacy of each participant is not leaked and the information is not abused.

It is reported that ant financial has been in the field of shared intelligence for more than four years. It has published more than 10 papers and obtained more than 80 patents. It has been applied in smart credit, intelligent risk control and other business fields of ant financial and its partners. For example, through data fusion and shared intelligence, Zhonghe rural credit bank has greatly improved its risk control performance. It has changed the traditional offline mode into an online automatic review mode. It only takes 5 minutes to complete the credit, and the accumulated loan amount is 3.19 billion in eight months. There are 440000 credit successful people, covering more than 20 provinces, more than 300 counties and more than 10000 villages.

Moreover, ant financial has been making continuous efforts in the standardization of shared intelligence. Recently, the standard of shared intelligence alliance led by ant financial services was officially released in AIIa (China artificial intelligence industry development alliance), which is also the first alliance standard of shared intelligence in China. In addition, international standards and industry standards for shared learning have been approved and are being formulated by IEEE, ITU-T, CCSA and other standardization organizations; the national standards for shared learning in the national artificial intelligence standardization general group are also in the process of project initiation and promotion.

Standards are innovation and foresight. They not only solve current problems, but also solve future problems. The promotion of these standards will further standardize the development of the industry, promote institutions to cross the data island, realize data security cooperation, and give full play to the value of data.

In this issue of ant financial’s digital classroom live broadcast of “jointly fighting” epidemic situation and technology breaking situation, Wang Aihua, deputy chief engineer of China Institute of information and communications, Deputy Secretary General of China artificial intelligence industry development alliance, and Pu Xinyang, senior Standardization Engineer of ant financial services, will share the theme of “standard interpretation and technical practice of shared intelligence”, focusing on this AIIa sharing intelligent alliance standard It will introduce the basic classification and value of standardization in detail, interpret the practice cases of sharing intelligent standards and sharing intelligent technology, and help users understand how to help the industry development through standards.

The live broadcast time is 14:00-14:30, April 9. Scan the QR code to participate in the live broadcast and interact with the speakers, waiting for you to come~~

How to build a protective wall for data collaboration? Ant financial does this