How to block promotion software when installing Java?


Now many mobile applications are developed through Java, so many people also have Java installed on their computers. However, recently, Java and a domestic network manufacturer cooperate to promote a series of software when installing Java. The method of this article, that is to teach you how to put an end to these promotional software, friends in need can refer to this article!

Clever use of parameters for extended interception

For those users who have not yet installed Java, but may use the software in the future, we must be careful when installing. Usually, the Java installer is divided into two different versions: online and local. Some of these versions will have installation options of promotional software during installation. In this case, you can directly remove the installation options of promotional software, and they will not enter the user system. And some versions do not give options, it will be overwhelming. However, no matter which version is used for installation, you only need to use one installation parameter to eliminate the promotion of software installation program.

Because this operation is carried out in the command prompt window, in order to make later input easier and convenient, you need to rename the installation file first, for example, here I will name it as Java.exe Just fine. Next, move the mouse to“start”Button, right-click to select“Command prompt (administrator)”Command to open a command prompt window with administrator privileges. Since I download the installation file to the downloads directory, first execute the “CD downloads” command to enter the directory, and then execute“Java.exe SPONSORS=0”Command, you can put an end to the installation of promotional software.

Control panel disable promotion products

For users who have already installed Java software, or who have just installed java to avoid a disaster, don’t think that everything is going well. Because when Java is updating the software version in the background, it will still promote the relevant software. Therefore, in order to avoid this situation, it is necessary to reset the settings window of the software.

Right click“start”Button, select“control panel”, in the pop-up window, find the“View by”Option, click the drop-down menu to select“Large icon”This one. Next, click on the“Java”Button, click in the pop-up setting window“senior”Label. Drag the scroll bar to the bottom, and you can“miscellaneous”See a file named“Hide sponsor products when installing or updating Java”Options for. After selecting it, you can put an end to the update version and install the relevant promotion software.


We can also switch to“to update”In the label, the“Automatically check for updates”Option removed. A warning window will pop up and click“Do not check”Button to prevent automatic check from causing automatic download and installation of the new version.

The above is how to intercept and promote the software when installing Java. The operation is very simple. Please follow the above steps to operate. I hope it can help you!

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