How to become an Ajax expert


When it comes to JavaScript, many programmers are dismissive and always think that it is very low – level If in the c/s product development mode, JS is really of no great use However, after Google launched map search overnight, the world has undergone some subtle changes. Until this new year’s Eve, Microsoft secretly launched live, and then raised the product level of live to the same level as its flagship product windows, JavaScript finally became popular

During this period of time, I carefully sorted out various languages, such as ActionScript, JavaScript, VB, VC, c\\perl, ruby, Python and dephli, and found that they are really a father – C language At last, I made a summary. It’s just that their environment is different and their functions are slightly different A script has the advantages of a script, and a compileable program also has its advantages However, to quote someone who forgot his name (estimated to be Kai Fu Li): the program does not depend on how many languages you know, but on how you use algorithms

I was not born by computer, but people born by art usually have a different kind of bohemian, go their own way, and especially like the wild horse

In the past, I saw that many software were useful, but sometimes they could not meet some of my BT needs, so I began to do it myself. The network has such a little advantage. If you want to learn something, I’m afraid there is nothing you can’t learn on the network In addition, the existence of a large number of program experts in the company has accelerated my path to program. It is precisely because of this that I spent a very short time from Ajax to practical use, because there are too many people helping me. Thank them very much

AJAX is really not difficult. When you can make some small programs and understand the network architecture, it is very simple to make a lightweight thing with any background language. It can be said that I have tried all Ajax applications and rewritten them with my own ideas. Compared with Google and Microsoft, I learned a lot of ideas. Finally, I added the object-oriented software development ideas, Basically, everything you can think of can be done smoothly

Basically, the way to become an Ajax expert is like this. I can only say that I can do what I think of now, because it can be met according to the current needs. Now I also start to enter the development and design of network products, so I still write small things in my spare time and take a few newcomers to the company

Art born people like to pursue excitement and high difficulty. Now their satisfaction is only temporary, and I am also planning some new network products. After all, AJAX focuses on application, and any technology is secondary. Of course, you can’t do anything without technology

In the initial stage of learning ajax, I recommend that you start with HTML code. However, you’d better raise the level a little. You need to know what the W3C standard is. Understanding this will be of great help to you no matter what you do in the future. After all, AJAX is based on the browser environment, and there are many kinds of browsers, but they all follow some W3C standards more or less, and the smallest set of these standards is to help implement cross browser solutions, Reduce the development burden

XHTML and DHTML are all things you need to focus on, because they are important elements of client display Then DOM operation and XML application are excellent tools to help you achieve certain effects In particular, XML should be used to. Whenever possible, XML should be used as the data exchange format

Then there is the understanding of some network data exchange methods: get, post, soap, XML RPC, RSS, etc. These things are extremely important in web and software development

Finally, you should know at least one language that can write background programs, ASP (JS, VBS), PHP, CGI, JSP or NET. Because Ajax, after all, changes page information by dynamically exchanging data in the background

As a qualified developer, the program needs to be clearly structured and written in strict accordance with standards. For example, all tags in XHTML should be lowercase, and each tag must be closed

However, the process of becoming an expert is just the beginning. You should pay more attention to the development direction of network information, always write some small things in line with reality, and develop a medium-sized program every other time. If you have the opportunity to develop large programs, congratulations. You are very close to an expert

There is also my personal suggestion that if you want to exercise yourself, please do not use ready-made controls, especially Net has completely turned the program into a way of building blocks. If it is not for the rapid development of products, I do not agree with this, because it will only make you dull and learn nothing

To learn how to write components by yourself, if you really can’t, just look at the code of some open source components. Your progress will be faster

My Ajax resources will continue to provide useful things to you, because I am the whole Ajax that I learned from these materials

Thank you for paying attention to my personal space. I will release more things in the future, and I will not join any community or network organization, because freedom is my nature

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