How to batch replace special characters in Notepad + +?


In Notepad + + programming development, there are special characters that make the program unable to run or make mistakes. If you want to replace the special characters, how to replace them? Now let’s take a look at the detailed tutorial.

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Text code editor (Notepad + +) v7.8.9 multilingual official Chinese installation version
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1、 How to view special characters

1. By default, special characters are invisible for reading, so you need to configure to open special characters first. Click the “as shown” icon to view the special characters.

2. After opening, the interface will display as shown in the figure, and you will find many moreCR,LF,The origin is the space, the arrow is the tab key

2、 Replace special characters

1. Click the“search”Next“replace”Button, or use it directly“ctrl+h”Come to the replacement interface, as shown in the figure

2. Configuration. For example, we are going to put all theReplace CRLF with LF, please configure according to the figure, and then select replace all

3. We will find that the desired CRLF becomes LF, as shown in the figure

4. In the same way. We usually need to put all of them togetherTab keyReplace with space, then you need the following configuration

5. The result will be, as shown in the figure, so that the code is neat under different editors.

The above is Notepad + + batch replacement of special characters tutorial, I hope you like it, please continue to pay attention to developer.

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