How to apply for free Secondary domain name


How to apply for free Secondary domain name

Author: xhemj

How to apply for free Secondary domain name
Recently, many people have applied Domain name, I’ll write a tutorial!
(this tutorial focuses only on applying for a domain name, not how to use GitHub)
Look at my finished product:
The official website says:

Are you a JavaScript developer looking for free webspace to host your project?
Check out GitHub Pages. 
To make things perfect we provide you with a free and sleek URL as shown in the examples above.
We don't mind whether it's a User-, Organization- or Project-Page - as long as you provide some reasonable content! 
Just follow these four steps to get your own free JS.ORG subdomain for your GitHub Page:

Are you a JavaScript developer? , are you looking for free website space to host your project?
Take a look at GitHub pages.
To make things perfect, we offer you a free and stylish domain name, as shown in the example above.
As long as you provide some reasonable content,
We don’t mind whether it’s a user page, an organization page, or a project page.
Just follow these four steps to get your own free GitHub pages JS.ORG Subdomain.
also There are also free HTTPS certificates and CDN acceleration
Is it very exciting?

Step 1: Register

Go to register a GitHub account first (I don’t elaborate here)
Registration address:
After registrationRepositoriesSide Clicknew
Fill in the information casually (if you can remember it)

Step 2: Upload

Will your website( index.html )Put it in GitHub
About git upload GitHub tutorial, welcome to reference or
Then go to your own warehouseSettingsFound inGitHub Pages, select the partition you want to deploy. You can see a

Your site is published at

It means that the deployment is successful. You can visit the following to confirm that the deployment is correct

Part 3: fork warehouse

Enter first
Click in the upper right cornerFork, fork warehouse to your own warehouse
Wait a moment to refresh and you can see that the warehouse is made up ofjs-org/js.orgBecomeUSERNAME/
Open it in your own warehousecnames_active.js
You can see that there are thousands of other domain names

Part 3: Application

Now think about the domain name you want to apply for
For example:
Now in the browser, first visit the following to see if it is occupied
Fortunately, mine is still there~
get intocnames_active.js, modify,
Format your domain name as followsIn alphabetical orderPut the corresponding number of lines (in alphabetical order)
Like mine You can put it in line 2176:

"xhemj": ""

Let’s explain:
1."xhemj"Indicates the domain name you want to apply forxhemj.js.orgJust fill inxhemj
2.: It’s a colon + space
3.""Links to githubpages
Note: do not add any comments at the end! (very important)
Then return to yourUSERNAME/, clickPull requests, to Send an application
The contents are as follows:
Title: the domain name you want to apply for, such as:
Content: it will be written automatically for you, no need to change
The content is translated as follows:

Reasonable content on the page (see: no content)
I have read and accept the terms and conditions

Definitely accept it!!
Remember to go back to the warehouse you want to apply forCHAMEFile, enter your in it domain name
After that OfPull requestsYou can see your application
As follows:
How to apply for free Secondary domain name
A small suggestion: due to the time difference, it is better to submit it before 12:00 p.m., so that the auditor just gets up and can audit
After waiting for customs clearance:
How to apply for free Secondary domain name
How to apply for free Secondary domain name
It’s a success!!
If it doesn’t pass, it should be noted that the website can’t be too simple and ugly. It’s better to stick with JS
Half of the bloggers can do it
No need to be discouraged, continue to work hard


This is basically the configuration! This article should be based on the official website
If you don’t know what to say, please send me a private message or email to [email protected] oh
Let’s share it!

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