How to adjust the volume of the MAC device to the minimum sound


For the volume in the store, sometimes we feel that it is too low, so we should turn it up a little. In some occasions that need quiet, we try our best to turn it down. But we will find that we can’t use volume adjustment to meet our requirements. What should we do then?

In fact, the volume of Apple Mac OS devices can be smaller! At present, the method of adjusting the volume of Apple OS X lion system is to use shift + option + volume adjustment key and use shortcut keys to adjust the volume, but the problem is that the minimum volume it can only set is 1 / 4 grid. It’s not the minimum volume of OS X lion system. To adjust it to the minimum volume, let’s share with you the skills to adjust the real minimum volume.


First, press the “volume down” key in the keyboard function key until all white volume indicators disappear and appear silent. Then press and hold the “volume down” key, and a small speaker icon will appear, in which there are three loudspeaker indicator lines, but the white volume indicator below is still silent, and then reduce the volume, The minimum volume of OS X lion system is realized. If you want to feel how low the volume is, you must wear headphones.

This is how to further adjust the volume of the MAC device to meet our requirements. If you often encounter the problem of volume, try this method. I believe it will bring you some surprises.