How to adjust the screen rotation of win7 / win8 / win10


Screen rotation adjustment method of win7 / win8 / win10

Please don’t panic when you are using a small computer. It’s just a matter of accidentally touching the shortcut key of the rotating screen (desktop).

Right click the mouse on the computer screen to find the graphic option — rotation. Here you can choose whether to rotate 90 degrees 180 degrees or 270 degrees according to the rotation degree of your computer. You will be surprised to find that your screen (desktop) is back. Isn’t it amazing?~~

Xiaobian’s computer operating system is win7 system. Different systems may have different solutions, but you don’t need to panic. The following Xiaobian will also introduce the screen (desktop) rotation method of win8win10 system

In win8 system, right-click on the desktop to select personalization display change display settings direction (0) to select landscape, then click OK, and then look at the screen (desktop) and it will magically turn back.~

The change settings of win10 are the same as those of win8, which can be solved according to this method. However, there is also a shortcut key, Ctrl + Alt + up / down key, which can be pressed at the same time. At this time, the computer will be dark for a while, and the blinking time will be normal.~

I hope the experience of Xiaobian can help you. Don’t panic in this situation. After reading the experience of Xiaobian, you can easily solve it.~

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