How to adjust the font size of MAC system? Apple Mac font sizing tutorial


Mac font size adjustment tutorial ~ you can refer to the following steps to adjust the font size of the MAC system. The MAC system can adjust the font size Oh ~ how to operate? Friends in need, please refer to the following steps.

Method 1: OS X system cannot adjust the font size, especially 10.9, but there is a compromise method – adjust the resolution. Open the system preference settings, select the display, zoom and adjust the resolution (one disadvantage is that the font will become blurred).

mac调整字体大小教程 mac系统字体大小调整步骤12

Method 2. Open the system and preferences, touch the dashboard, scroll and zoom, and check zoom in and zoom out.

mac调整字体大小教程 mac系统字体大小调整步骤2

You can use gestures to zoom pages when browsing websites with safari. P. S: other browsers can use command Plus + to zoom.

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