How to add resources to Visual Studio website


Visual Studio needs to add resources to the website after it is built. How to add resources? Now let’s look at how vs adds resources to websites. See the details below.

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Official Version of Visual Studio 2017 (Offline Installation Package) Simplified Chinese Version of Official Website
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Click File – > Open – > Website to open an empty website.

This example opens the website TwoFish, as shown in the following figure.

Method 1: New folder to add resources

1. Right-click on the website and selectAdd – > New folder.

2. Name the folder Sound, as shown below.

3. Copy a sound file, right-click on the Sound folder, and selectPaste Options

4.Sound folderNext, there’s one more.Voice resourcesAs shown in the figure below.

Method 2: Replicate and add resources directly

1. Create a new folder on the desktop namedimages,Place the pictures in the folder.

2. Right-click in the folder and selectCopy options.

3. Right-click on the empty website TwoFish and selectPaste Options

4、Resource imagesThe folder is added to the TwoFish website, as shown below.

The above is a tutorial on adding resources to the website by vs. I hope you like it. Please continue to pay attention to developpaer.

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