How to add network printer in win10 system


Some printers use USB port without network interface. We can set shared printer to realize the purpose of multi-user use. But recently, a user of win10 system wants to add network printer when using computer, but he doesn’t know how to operate it. So he is very distressed. How to add network printer in win10 system? Today, I want to share with you how to add network printer in win10 system Add the operation method of network printer.

   To add a network printer:

Add credentials

1. To save the network password, you must add it to the credentials to save it permanently. Right click the start win Icon and select control panel, as shown in the figure:

2. To view, press the small icon to find the credential manager, as shown in the figure:

3. Select Add windows credentials as shown:

4. Then click “add windows credentials” and enter the IP address and user password of the network printer, as shown in the figure:

5. After adding successfully, no one will delete it, and it will always be saved for easy access, as shown in the figure:

   Connect printer

1. Click Start menu, as shown:

2. Enter the destination IP address on the command line, as shown in the figure:

3. Because you have entered the credentials, you do not need to enter the user password, log in directly, and then see the printer shared by the computer; as shown in the figure:

4. Right click the printer and select connect, as shown:

5. Select install driver, as shown:


The above is the operation method of adding network printer to win10 system introduced by Xiaobian. I hope it can help you. If you have any questions, please leave a message to me, and Xiaobian will reply you in time. Thank you very much for your support of the developepaer website!
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