How to add menu bar in VB? How to add menu bar in VB


VB, is a programming software, full name visual basic, using basic language for programming, is the software used by most programming enthusiasts. The usage is very simple, it is very suitable for beginners to program. Many functions can be realized. For example, a calculator can be compiled with VB. Of course, the enterprise’s purchase, sales and inventory management system can also be compiled And so on, are using VB to achieve, want to add menu bar to VB software, how to add it? Let’s take a look at the detailed tutorial.

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Visual Basic 6.0 compact installation
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1、 Top menu mode

1. First open VB and select“Standard exe “to create a new project

2. Find it at the top of VBTools > menu editor”。 Or, press the“Ctrl+E”OK

3. ClickMenu editorAfter that, a dialog box as shown in the figure will pop up. In“title”Fill in the name of the menu, such as“File “

4. Next, fill in the name of the menu in the code writer, such as “file”

5. Fill in “0” and “1” in “index” Index is used to quickly identify the menu and is often used in select case statements

6、【Optional]To enable shortcut keys, in the“Shortcut key”Select the shortcut key for your menu, such as“Ctrl+E”(Only for secondary and above menus)

7、【Optional】To make the menu bar checked (secondary and above menus only), select“check”;To make the menu unavailable (enable = false), cancel valid

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