How to add JS intelligent prompt for vs2017?


In vs2017 editing tool, the intelligent prompt of C ා, however, is not supported by JS by default. How can vs2017 support JS intelligent prompt? Let’s take a look at the detailed tutorial.

Software name:
Visual studio 2017 official version (with offline installation package) official website simplified Chinese version
Software size:

1. Open vs2017 editing tool, it looks like this, but everyone’s preferences are different, and the background color is different

2. Click on the vs2017 top menu【tool】Options, in the expanded drop-down menu, select【option】This menu

3、 Click【option】After that, a new pop-up window will appear. The first one is opened by default【Environmental ScienceOptions. To set JS intelligent prompt, click【text editorOptions

4.option】Interface, click on the left【text editor】->【JavaScript/TypeScript】->【Language service】Menu, a check box will appear on the right

5. If you want to enable JS intelligent prompt of vs2017, you canCancel the check box in front of [enable new JavaScript language service]。 If you want to disable JS smart prompt, just tick this box

6. In vs2017, create a new JS file and write a test JS function. Inside the function, test whether there is an intelligent prompt for the mathematical function of JS. After writing math and adding a dot, a drop-down intelligent prompt box appears.Just like the intelligent prompt in C ා language

7. So, is there an intelligent prompt for the method behind the document object? After finishingdocumentAfter that, enter a point number, you can also see a drop-down box, and then enterget, you can also see the JS method with get. At this point, the test is finished, and vs2017 fully supports JS intelligent prompt

The above is the tutorial of adding JS intelligent prompt for vs2017. I hope you like it. Please continue to pay attention to developepaer.

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