How to add group policy function to win10 Group Policy gpedit.msc Installation method


Win10 home edition has no group policy gpedit.msc Functions and settings are not convenient. Group policy is widely used. In fact, win10 system is relatively open. We can install group policy function in some ways. If you need it, you can learn it.

The installation method is as follows:

1. First find a place to create a new text document and copy the following contents in it;

@echo off

pushd “%~dp0”

dir /b C:\Windows\servicing\Packages\Microsoft-Windows-GroupPolicy-ClientExtensions-Package~3*.mum >List.txt

dir /b C:\Windows\servicing\Packages\Microsoft-Windows-GroupPolicy-ClientTools-Package~3*.mum >>List.txt

for /f %%i in (‘findstr /i . List.txt 2^>nul’) do dism /online /norestart /add-package:”C:\Windows\servicing\Packages\%%i”


2. After saving, change the suffix name of the file from. Txt to. CMD.


3. Finally, right-click the generated file and select “run as administrator”.


4. After the run is complete, let’s try typing in the run gpedit.msc You can turn on the group policy feature.

The above is the win10 group strategy that Xiaobian brings to you gpedit.msc Installation methods, I hope to help you, more content please continue to pay attention to developeppaer.