How to add and cancel Notepad + + code comments?


In Notepad + +, how to add comments or uncomment the code? Now let’s take a look at the methods of adding and canceling comments using the menu method. For details, please see the introduction below.

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Text code editor (Notepad + +) v7.8.9 multilingual official Chinese installation version
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2020-07-17Download now

1. Open a code file and select itAnnotated code

2. After selecting the notes, click the menu‘‘Edit’Options.

3. Pop up the drop-down menu to selectAdd / uncomment

4. The next level menu pops up for selectionAdd / uncomment options.

5. You can see the addition in the codeAdded / uncommented information

6. If you want to cancelnotesClickAdd / uncomment

The above is a tutorial for Notepad + + to annotate and uncomment code. If you need it, you can see it.

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