How to activate the oxygen XML editor for Apple Mac? Activation patch attached


The oxygen XML editor is a Java based XML editor,It supports XML, XSL, TXT, XSD and DTD documents, and can verify XML, XSL and XSD codes by itself to prompt script errors. oXygen XMLIntegrating XML viewing and editing, it is widely used in enterprise and academic fields. The cracked version of oxygen XML editor has all the XML editing tools required to provide you with the most complete XML development and creation solution. Today’s developeppaer series will share with youThe installation and activation tutorial of oxygen XML Mac. There are detailed installation steps below. Let’s have a look with friends who need it!

Software introduction

Oxygen XML editor is a concise and first-class software integrating XML viewing, editing and other functions. Because it provides complete coverage of XML editing features, the application of the software can work in XML schema / DTD / ng schema and NRL schema in both business and academic circles. Powerful transformation support allows you to edit XSLT and xsl-fo documents and convert them into files you want, such as HTML / PS / PDF.

Oxygen XML editor is a complete XML editing solution for XML developers and content authors. It provides the necessary XML editing tools, covering most XML standards and technologies. The oxygen XML editor contains all the functionality of oxygen XML developer and author.

Installation activation tutorial

Software name:
Oxygen XML Editor (Java based XML Editor) for Mac v23.1 x64 Chinese cracked version
Software size:
Update time:
2021-04-22Download now

After downloading the oxygen XML editor installation package, click to open oxygen XML editor.dmg, and drag the [oxygen XML editor] folder on the left to the application on the right, as shown in the following figure:

Drag the [crack] folder to the desktop.

Open the oxygen XML editor package in the app application, find the Lib folder according to this path, and drag the [oxygen. Jar] in the desktop crack folder into the Lib folder!

Then open the oxygen XML editor application

Then open [terminal] on the startup console, enter [CD], add a space, and then drag the crack folder on the desktop to the terminal.

Then enter [Java – jar keygen. Jar] in the terminal, and click enter!

Enter [zzz] in [name]. Then enter!

Enter [zzz] in [company] and press enter!

Registration code generated successfully! Copy the registration code between =======================!

Copy and paste the registration code information into the registration interface of oxygen XML editor! Then click OK!

Oxygen XML editor MAC registration activation succeeded!

Official introduction

Xygen XML editor is a concise and first-class software integrating XML viewing, editing and other functions. Because it provides complete coverage of XML editing features, the application of the software has great transformation support in both business and academic circles, so that you can not only edit XSLT and xsl-fo documents, but also convert them into files you want, such as HTML / PS / PDF.

Function introduction

Intelligent XML Editor

With intelligent operations and functions, XML editing functions are more effective than ever. These functions are designed to provide intuitive, responsive and easy-to-use functions.

XML validation

Make sure your XML document is “well formed” and valid, using the prototype validation support and context sensitive editing capabilities of the XML editor.

XML database support

Oxygen XML editor can execute XQuery and XPath queries on the local XML database through the connection with the database server. Dedicated collections of database discovery views are grouped together in the database view layout.

All XML standards support

Use the special editor provided by oxygen XML editor to cover all XML standards. The dedicated views and operations of each editor support editing all types of XML documents and other types of files, including XML schemas, CSS, XSLT, WSDL, relaxng, Schematron, ant, XQuery, etc.

Single source Publishing

XML editor provides preset and configurable scenarios. With one click, you can use the same source code to generate output in PDF, ePub, HTML and many other formats.

Structured XML editing

The most intuitive XML editing function and user-friendly interface help you improve your work results with oxygen XML editor.

XML publishing framework

Oxygen XML editor includes ready to use support for Dita, DocBook, XHTML and Tei frameworks.


Take advantage of unparalleled scalability support, enhance the built-in XML publishing framework of XML editor, and even create your own framework.


XML editor’s powerful connection support allows you to interact with most XML databases, content management systems, and webdavs.


By using the tracking tools of the XML editor, the subversion repository client, and the compare and merge solution, oxygen enables you to collaborate more efficiently with other authors than ever before.

XSLT and XQuery debugging

The XML editor provides a powerful XSLT and XQuery debugger, which can fully control the debugging process. There are two dedicated perspectives, one for XSLT and one for XQuery debugging. Both provide specialized views and operations that enable you to troubleshoot and refine documents.

Web services support in oxygen XML Editor

The advanced WSDL editor can help you edit WSDL documents that provide content completion functions, special outline views, and support for generating documents. You can easily verify whether the defined SOAP message is accepted by the remote web service server using the WSDL soap analyzer integration tool of the XML editor.

Software features

Single source XML authoring and multi-channel Publishing

Oxygen XML author sets a new standard for structured content authoring. It introduces many innovative, user-friendly authoring functions and provides an easy-to-use interface. Using XML technology has never been easier! With oxygen XML author, you can access standard XML based frameworks (such as Dita and DocBook), ready-made publishing formats, useful comment tools, and unparalleled scalability and connectivity.

The XML editor helps your entire team create content

Oxygen XML web author takes advantage of the most advanced oxygen authoring technology to bring XML editing and review into any modern web browser. You can work with other team members to contribute and modify content anytime, anywhere on desktops, tablets and mobile devices. The adaptive and innovative user interface is designed to allow you to interact with XML content in the most efficient and effective way.

Designing XML schemas and transformation pipelines

All tools needed oxygen XML developer is an industry-leading XML development tool, including all tools needed to design XML schemas and transform pipelines. It focuses on XML source code editing and schema design, and XSLT and XQuery support are enhanced through powerful debuggers and performance analyzers. Oxygen XML developer provides a simple and intelligent interface to make XML development simple and effective.

Publish Dita and DocBook to webhelp

Oxygen XML webhelp enables you to publish Dita and DocBook content on the web and present it in an easy to navigate user-friendly interface. You can design webhelp output to be used on desktop systems or various mobile devices, and you can customize it to allow users to provide feedback. With oxygen XML webhelp, your published content is easy to access, interact and facilitate.

Update log

Oxygen XML editor for Mac adds various functions for XSLT and XQuery developers, as well as updates to add-on components, new API entry points, component updates, performance improvements, and so on.

Collaboration in the XML document review process is now easily available because the oxygen XML fusion connector attachment is already installed in the oxygen XML editor.

The above is the installation and activation tutorial of oxygen XML Editor Editor shared by developeppaer. As long as you install the above steps and complete the installation and activation, you can use all functions for free!