How to activate Navicat data modeler? Navicat data modeler installation activation detailed text tutorial


Navicat Data Modeler 3Is a powerful database analysis and design management software, the software volume is small, but the function is very powerful, has the inborn superiority in the data storage aspect, can help everybody to improve the efficiency, the redesign function and the interface, brings a kind of brand-new experience for the creation of the data model. The software can make your design more simple and fast. With one click, it can simplify the process of creating complex entity relationship model and generating SQL script. It supports a variety of database analysis systems, including mysql, MariaDB, Oracle, SQL server, PostgreSQL and SQLite. Users can quickly obtain relevant files and script tools by using it. It supports the implementation of reverse or forward engineering programs, importing models from ODBC data sources, generating complex SQL / DDL and printing models to files. Among them, reverse engineering is one of the main functions of the software, which can load the existing database structure, and then create a new ER And when we look at the database model, we can see how the elements relate to each other without showing the actual data. Navicat data modeler can help you quickly build data models, make your database structure more intuitive, and then add functions targeted. It can not only provide professionals with complex functions suitable for their special needs, but also be quite easy for novices of data models to start, making modeling easier.

Software name:
Navicat data modeler Special Edition (database design tool) v2.0.3 Chinese special edition 64 bit
Software size:
Update time:
2015-11-26Download now

Software name:
Navicat data modeler Special Edition (database design tool) v2.0.3
Software size:
Update time:
2015-11-26Download now

Install cracking tutorial

1. Download the installation package, unzip and run the installation. Click next

2. Read the software agreement and check I accept the license agreement

3. Select the software installation location and click browser to change the installation path

4. Select the start menu folder by default

5. Choose whether to create desktop shortcut or not

6. Click Install to start the installation

7. Installation in progress, please wait for a while

8. The installation is successful. Click Finish to exit the installation wizard

9. Do not run the software, copy the registration machine to the software installation directory, run as an administrator, select modeler 3, and then click patch to pop up a prompt

10. Run the software and select registration

11. On the registration machine page, click generate to generate the registration code and copy it to the software for activation

12. Click manual activation to activate it manually

13. Copy the request code to “request code”, then click “generate” at the bottom to generate the activation code, and then copy the activation code into the software

14. It has been activated successfully. Click OK

The above is the Navicat data modeler installation and activation detailed text tutorial, I hope to help you, more content please continue to pay attention to developeppaer

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