How to activate Elyse? Database file management system Elyse installation and activation of graphics and text tutorial (with software download + activation patch)


How to activate Elyse database file management system?Elyse is a powerful and easy-to-use database file management system, with automatic foreign key setting, advanced model printing, SQL query generator, custom mode generation and other functions, so as to help users manage files in a logical way, make file management more reasonable, and help you more efficient sorting and reorganizing files. Xiaobian brings you the cracked version of this software, which can be activated and used for free. There is a detailed operation process below. Please download and use it for interested friends.

Software name:
Elyse (database file management system) v4.1.0 English free installation version (with activation patch + activation tutorial)
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Elyse installation and activation of database file management system

1. Download the software installation package at this site, unzip and run the. Exe installation program

2. Select I accept the agreement and click Next

3. Select the software installation location and click Next

4. Select the menu folder, select the default Elyse, and click next

5. Select additional tasks. You can check them as needed and click Next

6. To prepare for installation, click the Install button to perform the installation operation

7. Wait a moment to finish the installation, and click Finish to exit the installation wizard

8. Run the software, click Help after entering the interface, and select registration in the operation options called out

9. Click Register

10. Start the kg.exe registration patch in the software package, fill in the corresponding information in the registration page, click OK, and the registration is successful

11. After successful activation, you can see that to reopen the registration interface, which is displayed as to register (no prompt window will pop up after successful activation)

The above is a picture and text tutorial about Elyse installation and activation of database file management system shared by developepaar. I hope it can help you. Developepaar will continue to release more information. Welcome to pay attention.