How to achieve fair and equitable data access and service ecosystem?


By connecting the price feed and API on the chain, adaoracle can access any type of API interface, realize more fair and equitable data acquisition and service ecosystem, provide reliable data for DAPP, and build a more reliable, more convenient and lower cost Oracle service platform.
Adaoracle has always been firmly deployed in accordance with the steady pace of mature projects. Technology development, investment cooperation, market development, ecological construction and other steps are taken together, and its core values can be seen in the development process. In terms of product technology, adamorcorporation directly hits the pain point of the current Oracle attack events, focuses on the upgrading of the security performance of the Oracle, and pays attention to the establishment of the Oracle risk control system. After continuous industry exploration and technical research, adamorcorporation is based on building a truly decentralized Oracle, and has created a unique Oracle Security Mechanism in the industry – wide area node pricing system.