How should R & D engineers grow? –Summary of Tal XRS online school in 2019


Author: Xueersi online school Chen Lei
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Hello everyone, I’m Chen Lei, the head of the Internet research and development system of the online school business department. The theme of today’s sharing is“How should R & D engineers grow up”

Many young R & D partners are confused about “how to grow R & D engineers”. They are generally confused about how to grow into technical experts and how to keep learning in busy work. In fact, this is the only way for every R & D partner to grow up. I have been in primary school for one year, and I have been committed to “building a learning organization”. After a year of exploration and attempt, I have made a little achievements and experience. At the beginning of the new year, I would like to make a summary of 2019 and share my experience with you.

When I first came to the online school, I had a one-to-one communication with many partners, who were generally anxious about their growth: they were too busy with work, even working overtime every day, and had no time to learn; their needs were too trivial, and they did a lot of work, but didn’t feel that they had any growth; they wanted to be led by a coworker, but they seemed to lack such a mentor; the technical atmosphere of the whole team was not too strong There is no way to improve.

All of this is anxiety about growth.

In fact, this kind of moderate anxiety is a very good thing. It is our desire for growth, but this desire is mapped into anxiety in our heart. Moderate anxiety has a very good role in promoting a person’s growth. This kind of anxiety drives us to locate a problem into the night, this kind of anxiety drives us to overcome technical difficulties, and this kind of anxiety drives us to solve the problems we need Strive for perfection. On the contrary, some partners have lost this anxiety, and even some of them have become complains. If there is no such anxiety, we may have fallen into the “comfort zone”. This kind of comfort will make us lose the motivation to grow up and miss many good opportunities. If anxiety becomes complains, it is very dangerous. It is very difficult for complainants to take the initiative to solve problems, and most of the time we sit in the “comfort zone” Together, they make complaints about joy and laugh for a long time, but they do not solve the problem.

So, how to turn moderate anxiety and desire into the power of growth?

My summary method is: self-management – learning together – learning for application – summary and reflection.

Self management: self discipline more freedom

First of all, the most important point is self-management. Many things that promote growth and learning are anti human. The core idea of how to control and manage the “laziness” in nature is self-management (self-discipline). I really like slogan of keep app: “self discipline gives me freedom.”. At the age of 25, Churchill said: “I long for freedom”; after 25 years, he said “self discipline is important”; another 25 years later, at the age of 75, he said “self discipline is freedom”.

Why not use it on our R & D partners? Many times, tiktok is expert in the development of some cattle, so he is determined to insist on reading technical books every night. But after 3 days of persistence, his will begins to drop. “Do you want to read a Book later?” Take a break today, play a game, and continue to read tomorrow It’s a sign that we can’t self-discipline. Many times, we can’t manage ourselves well and are dominated by inertia. I’m the same. I’m lazy a lot of times. How do I manage myself? I have an Excel to make records, as shown in figure-1:

How should R & D engineers grow? --Summary of Tal XRS online school in 2019

Figure-1 reading record

At the beginning of the new year, you will always set up some flags. I usually set 50 goals, big and small, including work, study, fitness and family. Taking the reading records in figure-1 as an example, I can read intensively or roughly the books I need at work, accompanied by a sense of ceremony. Every time I finish reading a book, I will take photos and input them into excel, which will make me stick to it. As time goes on, you will find that this matter will bring you a lot of gains. When you encounter some problems and think about them, you can turn it out and solve them in combination with the actual situation. Besides reading, self-management also includes sports management, as shown in figure-2
How should R & D engineers grow? --Summary of Tal XRS online school in 2019

Figure 2 exercise / health management

Figure-2 shows my recent running record and weight management. As a research and development personnel, I have developed the habit of staying up late since I was in college. With the growth of age, my hair is becoming less and less, and my health problems are becoming more and more serious, such as fatty liver and hyperlipidemia. In addition, my image is getting worse and worse, with big belly and bow back probe. Once a partner joked with me: “hurry up Let’s lose weight, otherwise it will affect the image of online school research and development. “So I started the journey of losing weight and fitness, and insisted on” stay “every day Every day, no matter how late you get home, you insist on walking / running for 40 minutes, sweating slightly. After more than two months, your stomach is much smaller. (PS: take some goods, this walking machine is bought on pinduoduo, only 500 yuan, and the noise is not big). In addition, in pinduoduo, I bought a hunchback appliance and insisted on wearing it every day, striving to get rid of the problem of the humpback probe.

Self discipline is hard, but it’s really “self discipline is freer.”.

Study together: a group of people go further

The second point is to study together. After setting goals, it’s really difficult for a person to stick to his goals. As early as three years ago, my team and I studied the internal and external code together to explore and enrich the technical knowledge. After I came to the online school, I also launched the “morning reading meeting” in the online school. What makes me proud is that since March 7, 2019, we have been holding on until now, from 9:00 to 10:30 every day. In the middle of the day, except for the important meeting or the suspension of moving several times, we have never stopped. And we recorded videos using the lecture technology, as shown in figure-3:
How should R & D engineers grow? --Summary of Tal XRS online school in 2019

Figure 3 back end morning reading meeting

Figure-3 shows the learning of back-end R & D partners in the past 10 months. We learned the underlying source code of PHP, redis, nginx, tweetroxy, and spool together. We also shared and discussed the architecture design of online school mall, the design of CRM system, and the design and code of activity scheduling system. We will study and discuss together, and some of our partners will be our lecturers. These partners constantly improve their own technology, expression ability and thinking ability. The link is as follows:…

The dream of the front-end partners is to “build the good future front-end (FE) team into an influential front-end team in the industry”. From May 8, 2019, we will exchange and discuss the front-end technology every day. As we all know, the characteristic of front-end technology is that it changes very fast. If you don’t study for a period of time, you will easily be unable to keep up with it, unable to refine and update your own technology. So the front-end partners are very active. They have established a knowledge sharing and preemption mechanism. Every Friday, they will throw out the sharing quota for the next five days, so that almost all partners can become sharing lecturers, show themselves, improve their speaking ability, and improve their understanding of technology theory. Figure 4 shows the early reading records of the front-end partners. The time of the early reading meeting is from 9:30 to 10:30
How should R & D engineers grow? --Summary of Tal XRS online school in 2019

Figure 4 front end morning reading meeting

In the last month, under the guidance of the group’s technical committee, we established the group’s PHP group, Java group, go group and big front-end group. In order to learn and discuss with more partners, we started nailing live broadcast, which is convenient for some partners to learn together when commuting in the morning, as shown in figure-5:
How should R & D engineers grow? --Summary of Tal XRS online school in 2019

Figure 5 PHP / go / front end nailing live broadcast

In addition, we have upgraded the better courses and launched the robins course in the online school. The course content has been implemented in sixuetang (internal learning website), as shown in figure-6:
How should R & D engineers grow? --Summary of Tal XRS online school in 2019

Figure 6 robins course

As well as in the group launched the PHP elite course, the course content landing on the TTC. Eight sessions of PHP elite course were held in 2019, which respectively taught design pattern, spool application, high performance service design, php7 bottom layer implementation and MySQL application. See figure-7. The students gave good feedback on the course.
How should R & D engineers grow? --Summary of Tal XRS online school in 2019
Figure 7 PHP elite training camp

The advantage of group learning is that when a person is controlled by “laziness”, he will be supervised and dragged by the partners who are moving forward together. Just like the saying “a group of people go further”, learning together can let us get rid of inertia and adhere to the theory of learning technology.

Learning to apply is the real learning

It’s easy to feel it on paper, but you have to practice it. After learning a wealth of technical theory, how to apply the theoretical knowledge to work? This requires “learning for application”. And the most important thing of technological growth is “learning for application”.

Many partners complain that there are too many demands, too busy work and no time to learn at all. In fact, work and learning are inseparable. Work is a part of learning, is the actual combat of learning and the feedback of learning. If learning is separated from the actual combat of work, it has no value.

Some partners often ask me some questions, such as “learning the underlying source code of PHP / redis, do I need to learn all the basic knowledge of C language and Linux first?” in fact, this is a misunderstanding. If you spend a lot of time learning and preparing, you may give up when you learn these basics, or you may forget when you use them. The best way is to use what knowledge difficulties to supplement learning, this will be more efficient, more targeted.

For another example, my partner asked me “how can learning the underlying source code of PHP / redis help my daily work”

At 2:50 a.m. every day in our production environment, all the machines alarm that the CPU load is too high at the same time. Tracing down, we find that it is caused by the restart of all FPM processes at this time. This involves the FPM process management model that we have learned. Can we think about any solution that can avoid the restart of FPM at the same time?

We all know the meaning of 502 / 504 and other status codes. Once upon a time, the gateway in the production environment occasionally gave 502 alarm. How to locate and check this accidental phenomenon? This is inseparable from our understanding of TCP protocol, HTTP protocol and packet capture practice. In addition, it was mentioned in the partner weekly that during the weekend double live drill, it was found that there was an occasional timeout phenomenon, and the final positioning was also caused by the unreasonable TCP configuration.

Redis is an indispensable cache database in our work. I believe that after learning redis source code, the use of redis commands will be more handy, and some unreasonable use will be avoided. In the second half of the year, we will upgrade the use of redis from single instance mode to cluster mode. At this time, we can better understand the significance of doing so by combining the learned redis source code with the tweetroxy source code .

Technology research and development is a practical science. The theory and knowledge obtained from books are basically worthless if they are not applied and tested in actual combat. It is the most pragmatic and efficient way to thoroughly understand the technology and business field of one’s work. The separation of work and study will lead to the failure of both work and study.

In addition, there is a very important point. In fact, different fields are by analogy. When you are proficient in one field, even proficient in it, and can summarize the methodology, you can easily start to work in other fields. It is very important, even necessary, for a partner who has just worked to thoroughly study one field for 3-5 years Friends need to sink their heart, accumulate a lot, get a thorough understanding of a field, and then expand their knowledge, so as to draw inferences from one instance.

Learning to apply is really learning, can really grow.

04 learn to summarize and reflect

Finally, we should cultivate the habit of summarizing and reflecting.

There is a theory that “after 10000 hours of deliberate training, you can become an expert in a certain field”. In the so-called deliberate training, a very important methodology is “summary and reflection”, which matches our tal culture.

In the morning reading meeting of the front-end of the research, we found a very interesting phenomenon: the front-end partners will throw out the sharing quota for the next five days every Friday, and they need to seize the sharing opportunity. Why does this happen? Because they understand that sharing is inseparable from summary and reflection. Sharing is a good opportunity for technical growth, as well as the exercise of thinking ability and expression ability.

Writing an article is also a very good process of summary and reflection, but also a process to enhance their visibility. In the first half of this year, our “technical thinking public school official account” was born. Every week, partners will actively contribute and publish their excellent articles. TTC community released in the second half of the year, so far we have seen a lot of high-quality articles.

Learning should not just passively accept the knowledge from books and others. In the process of learning, we need to ask more questions about why. What we need to understand is that there is logic behind any scheme or decision-making. For example, when redis cuts twitter, what is the significance of cutting a single instance into a cluster? What are the characteristics of redis / CODIS / twitter?

In the process of working repeatedly to practice, test their theoretical knowledge, constantly refine and improve their understanding of the theory, and establish their own experience base and methodology. The thinking ability, summary ability and reflection ability trained in this process are the most valuable, and also the most important part of their own value promotion.

At the beginning of the new year, partners can set some goals for themselves, and then take actions. They should be “ruthless” to themselves and self-discipline. Together with a group of like-minded partners, they can learn towards the goals, fight in practice, land in the work, and constantly summarize and reflect in the process.

In the new year, I hope to work with TAL’s R & D partners to:

Struggle is happier, self-discipline is freer!

A group of people with dreams go further and live more fully.

Practice what you have learned and train yourself for 10000 hours.

Constantly summarize and reflect, grow together! Together with science and technology to promote educational progress!

Chen Lei, chairman of development sub channel of Tal Technical Committee
January 7, 2020

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