How powerful is big data for operators?


It’s not too much to say that data is money. Even if an Internet company loses money for a long time, as long as there are a large number of users as support, there will be investors to invest in venture capital.

Big data of operators is relatively better than big data of Internet. Big data of operators is better than big data of Internet in terms of number of users, data dimension and data authenticity, because the three operators with network and communication business as support have mastered nearly 1.5 billion real user information, which lays a solid foundation for precision marketing and accurate customer acquisition business provided by different industries and enterprises It has laid a solid foundation.

How powerful is big data for operators?

Today, let’s take a look at how powerful big data is for operators?

Alibaba group is the leader of the Internet business community. Its Taobao and Alipay users are huge. In 2019, the annual active users of Alibaba were 711 million, while the three operators were sitting on nearly 1 billion 500 million real users instead of active users.

How powerful is big data for operators?

Multi dimension and diversity of operators’ big data

In 2013, operators required that all existing and new mobile phone card users must have the real name system, and the ID card information must be consistent with the real name information of the mobile phone card, which ensures the authenticity of the operator’s user data. The above-mentioned precision marketing business provided by operators for various industries and enterprises is exactly the big data customer acquisition system of operators. According to the modeling, it can analyze and screen the visitors who often visit the target website, the users who search keywords, the calling and called phone records of 400 phones and fixed line phones, the people who have browsed and used the target app, and the people who have received the target SMS, etc. in real time Region, gender, age, online time, user activity, traffic and other usage analysis and screening, accurate positioning of customer groups and so on.

How powerful is big data for operators?

Main access modes of operators’ big data access platform

It is mainly carried out in two ways: docking with the outbound call platform and real-time receiving by the visitors of the target website

Docking with the call platform and real-time receiving with the visitors of the target website belong to active marketing, so the customer’s intention rate, conversion rate and transaction rate will be higher.

Relying on the powerful cloud computing analysis ability and the ability to establish all-round and three-dimensional user accurate portrait, operators’ big data can carry out in-depth cooperation with various industries and enterprises according to their own user data, so that they can get what they need, and the users analyzed and screened will be labeled with accurate industry labels, which can be provided to more industries that need precision marketing , enterprises.

Operators‘ big data can mainly provide accurate customer acquisition and marketing services for conventional industries such as education, automobile, real estate, finance, investment promotion, e-commerce, decoration, games, tourism and so on.

How powerful is big data for operators?