How much does NFT game development cost? How long will it take?


In the unprecedented bonus period of NFT game industry, the total number of game players has increased by 3billion, and the annual growth rate in the future will exceed 3%. New year’s universe game 3.0 has been waiting for the world to blossom.
Major giants are surging in the market. Many people are trying to participate in NFT game development, but many people do not understand how much NFT game development costs? How long does NFT game development take?
As the development team of metauniverse game, today, scallop technology will reveal the secrets to you!
How much does NFT game development cost? How long will it take?
First of all, we need to know what is the design concept of game developers?
Then based on this idea, an NFT smart contract containing basic unstructured data is constructed, and a group of mobile game property rights with unified standard file format are defined.
Finally, continue to deploy a new smart contract, add a set of NFT attributes, a set of NFT attributes, roll counting system software, game props, weapons and equipment, and the final game playing method.

As a pioneer in the domestic chain game development team industry, we have developed and customized the global popular chain games. Our chain game R & D department is also deploying the next round of chain game platform development.
As for the development cost of blockchain games, it depends on the game settings, ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands with complete functions. How long will the development take? Fifteen days is enough! Welcome to communicate more.
In general, the blockchain economy is likely to become the focus of the market in the future. Introducing blockchain technology into electronic games will bring more benefits to players and developers. In terms of hobbies, we can easily gain profits, which is a general trend.