How many kilowatts of electricity does a desktop computer use a day


How many kilowatts of electricity do desktop computers use a day? Computer power introduction. We use computers every day, but have you ever calculated how many kilowatts of electricity the computer uses? The following small make up to calculate the power of desktop computer!

Many people have thought about it, but they have not calculated it. In general,The computer is about 250-400wDesktop computer.

The power consumption of a computer per month: if the power consumption of a computer is 300W per hour × 10hours per day × 30days per month = 90kw, it is only a conservative estimate. (power consumption of display: the power consumption of 15 inch, 17 inch and 19 inch display is about 60W, 80W and 100W respectively).

The computer also has energy consumption in sleep state, about 7.5W, when it enters standby mode under XP system, the power consumption reaches 51.48w! This shows that the motherboard is still consuming a lot of electric energy to protect the data; even if the computer is turned off, as long as the plug is not pulled out, the computer still has energy consumption, about 4.81W!

After reading a large amount of information on the Internet, the following conclusion is drawn: on average, a computer with similar configuration is connected with a monitorMore than three hours, 1 kilowatt hour.No matter how much, saving electricity is a virtue, starting from me, starting from everyone.

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