How MAC uses finder to access files in icloud


Icloud not only facilitates data sharing for Mac users, but also allows files to be automatically saved in icloud. Therefore, how to view files in icloud is of great concern to every Mac user. Today, Xiaobian will teach you a way to view files in icloud.



If you are an OS X lion version 10.7.2 or later and a mountain lion user, you only need to configure your icloud account to access your icloud documents through the finder through the following methods:

1. In the finder window, press Mac如何使用Finder访问iCloud文档+Shift + G go to the folder and enter the path: ~ / Library/

2. Find the folder “mobile documents” in the newly opened directory. This is where your icloud documents are stored on the Mac. You will find the names of keynote, preview, textediit, etc. These are icloud synchronization documents classified according to different programs.

We can drag this folder to the finder toolbar, or make a copy and put it elsewhere for later use. Changing files in this folder will affect the content synchronized in your icloud account.

The above is how to view files in icloud through finder. For users who don’t know how to view files in icloud, please collect this method.