How MAC sets cool screen saver as desktop background


Mac users must be envious that Windows users can use the cool screen saver as the desktop background. In fact, this can be done in MAC system. Here are the specific setting steps. Let’s have a look.

Setting method:

1. Open the terminal (Application Utility terminal. APP) and enter the following two commands:

  cd /System/Library/Frameworks/ScreenSaver.framework/Resources/ -background

Desktop background will immediately become the current screen saver settings, there may be some frame drop phenomenon. But once the terminal is turned off, the effect disappears.

2. If you want to open the screen saver desktop effect for a long time, you can use wallsaver, a free app. It can even choose which screen saver effect has been installed for the desktop background.

The above is the way to use the screen saver as the desktop background in the MAC system. If you like the screen saver and interested users, don’t you change your desktop background into a cool screen saver?