How Mac OS X delays or timing screenshots


Screenshots are a common operation in our daily work, but sometimes we don’t need to take screenshots right away, but we need to take screenshots after a period of time. So how can we make MAC delay or timing screenshots? Let me help you solve this problem. In addition, if you forget how to take a screenshot of Mac OS X, review it《Five screenshots of Mac OS X》All right.

 MAC OS X如何定时截图

Method of timing screenshot:

Open the terminal (Application Utility) and enter the following command:

  screencapture -t png -T 10 ~/Desktop/screenshot01.png

When you press the “enter” key, the system will automatically take a screenshot in 10 seconds. You will see the picture file on the desktop (~ / desktop / screenshot01. PNG is the file path). If you want to modify the screenshot time, you only need to modify the number “10” in the command.

Now with the function of regular screenshots, it will be more convenient for us to operate, and it will also help us to liberate ourselves from our desks without being confined there all the time.