How Mac Cleans QQ Cache Apple Mac Cleans QQ Cache Method


Usually after using QQ on Mac for a long time, it is unavoidable to receive a lot of pictures, documents, text and other content. After a long time, it will become more and more. If these things are too much, they will not only occupy disk space, but also affect the speed of QQ. Here is a brief introduction of how to clear QQ cache on Mac computer.

Apple Mac Cleaning QQ Cache Method

After you log in to QQ on Mac, click on the QQ icon in the top menu bar, and then select the Preference Settings option, as shown in the figure.

Next, please click the Clean button in the “Cache and Pictures” column under the general section, as shown in the figure.

Then wait for QQ to scan the current cached image, as shown in the figure.

When the scan is complete, click the “Clean Up Now” button, as shown in the figure.

Then continue waiting for QQ to clean up the caches and images, as shown in the figure.

When the cleaning is complete, click the OK button, as shown in the figure.

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