How lambda expressions are used


Tools used:

1. Python editor

2. A computer

Before learning lambda expressions, we need to know what anonymous functions and lambda expressions are.

What is a lambda expression?

Lambda expressions are often used to create an anonymous function that requires a function but does not want to waste time naming it. Lambda expressions are simpler than ordinary functions and do not require names.

What are anonymous functions?

Anonymous functions can create a function without explicitly defining the function.

What’s the use of lambda expressions?

Let’s take an example.

If you want to make a function that can add two parameters, there are two ways.

The first method

Use def keyword

def add1(a,b):

Required code lines: 3 lines

The second method

Using lambda expressions

a = lambda a,b:a+b

Required code lines: 2 lines

From the above example, we can see that lambda expression is simpler and more convenient than def definition function.

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