How is the computer in virus? How to protect the Trojan horse of computer stealing number?


Now many people like online shopping or playing online games, and their personal accounts also have some virtual wealth. Many lawless people value this and use some means to steal numbers. Everyone says that they are gnashing their teeth, but they have nothing to do, because unconsciously, they don’t know why their numbers are stolen, so how to protect them What about the Trojan horse? Let me share my experience with you


[software download]

To protect the Trojan horse, the first thing to prevent is to download software, because many software with viruses, when you run it will steal your number


So when you download software, you must choose a large website or download it through the security market provided by security software, such as the software management function of computer housekeeper


[Third Party procedures]

There are also some people who like to use some third-party software, such as game assistants, second killers and so on. These software may be viruses if they are careless


So you must not use this kind of software when you don’t have to. It is likely to be a Trojan horse. You’d better antivirus the software before you use it


[protection software]

The most important point is to install a security software for the computer. Take Tencent computer housekeeper for example, you can see a real-time protection function after opening it

Software name:
Tencent computer manager v13.6 official free installation version
Software size:
Update time:
2020-08-27Download now


After clicking open, you can see that as long as the computer manager is in the open state, many kinds of protection will be turned on synchronously to protect our computer security


matters needing attention

Treat the computer inside the game number theft, you can download a security software inside the computer, can timely detect hidden in the computer inside the Trojan virus, it timely clean up

After computer appeared trojan virus, must clean up in the first time, otherwise can appear the situation that computer cannot run normally

The above is how to protect the computer number of the Trojan horse several methods, we can follow the above steps to operate, hope to help you!

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