How eclipse introduces spring boot project plug-ins


Because the project needs, you need to run a Spring Book project on eclipse that has not done the Spring Book project before and complete the packaging, so after checking the information online, you do it.

First, we’d better open a new workspace to avoid affecting other projects, and then operate in the new workspace. Integrating SpringBook projects requires the introduction of STS (spring source-tool-suite) plug-ins. There are two ways to introduce STS plug-ins, one of which can be integrated as follows:

The first is online download.

The store in eclipse automatically downloads and installs TST. The specific steps are: Help – > Eclipse Marktplace, select Search or Popular, search Spring Tool Suite, download plug-ins.

 Second: Offline Download

1. Check the version number of eclipse, Help – > About Eclipse.

2. First download the TST plug-in at, and then select the STS plug-in version corresponding to your own eclipse version.

Or, use the link, and change the final version number to your own version number to download (for example, mine is 4.5.2).

 3. Introduce STS into eclipse.

Help -> Install New Software

Click Add, enter your name, and find the installation package you just downloaded (without decompression).

Select all, and then proceed until the installation is complete.

Verify that the introduction is successful:

After installation, you will be asked to restart eclipse. After restart, you can see if there are more icons in the upper function bar.

Or look at Window – > Show View – > Other, with a red box to indicate success.

The above is the whole content of this article. I hope it will be helpful to everyone’s study, and I hope you will support developpaer more.