How does win10 turn on or off night mode?


Windows 10 system night mode reminder: the blue light emitted by the computer screen will affect your sleep at night. Turning on night mode reduces the blue light on the screen and improves your sleep quality. Therefore, it is necessary to turn on the night mode when we use the computer at night, butThe old version of windows 10 system is different from the new version of windows 10 systemLet’s take a look at the detailed setup tutorial.

Blue light from screen – HEV light(both mobile phones and computers emit HEV blue light) HEV blue light is highly energetic and can potentially damage the tissue of our eyes. Through the experimental test, HEV blue light can directly penetrate the cornea and cause photochemical damage to the retina.

1. Right click on the bottom left corner of the system desktop【start】From the start menu, click【set up】Enter windows;

2. In the Windows settings window, we click【system】- Display, sound, notification, power supply;

3. In the display settings window, we see:Switch of night mode】In【shut】Click to make it in the【Open]The location of the;

4. When the night mode switch is in【open】We then click:Night mode setting;

5. In the night mode setting window, we can see:

Blue light from the screen can affect your sleep at night.Turning on night mode reduces the blue light on the screen and improves your sleep quality.

Click:Enable now

6. It is planned to turn on the night mode within the specified time【switch】Still in【shut】The location of the;

7. Click【switch】Put it in the【Open]At this time, the night mode setting is displayed as:

Off until 21:00 at sunset

That is, the night mode can not be turned on until 21:00.

8. In the planning section of the night mode setting, we can see that the system default isSet hours

9. If we need to change it to:Sunset to sunrise (18:55 ~ 6:51)(The system can determine the time of sunset and sunrise according to different regions), then according to the prompt of the system: turn on the location service, and turn on the night mode at sunset.

We click on:Positioning settings

10. In the open location setting window, we can see the “on” under “allow app to access your location information”By default, it is in the off position;

11. Click to make it in the [open] position, and then click the left arrow in the upper left corner of the window to return toNight mode setting Window;

12. In the night mode setting window, we can see:

Schedule for night mode settings

Turn on night mode within the specified time has been changed to:

Sunset to sunrise (18:55 ~ 6:51)

Under night mode setting, it is also changed to:

Close until sunset (18:55)

Exit the setup window.

13. When the time reaches 18:55, we will open it again【System]-Display, you can see:

Night mode (remains on until 6:51)

14. After entering the night mode setting, you can see:

Open until sunrise (6:51)

The above is the latest version of win10 on or off the night mode tutorial, I hope you like it, please continue to follow the developeppaer.

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