How does VS2015 use tables to layout pages?


Visual Studio 2015’s web pages want to be laid out, how to lay out the web pages? We can use tables to lay out the web page, so let’s take a look at the detailed tutorial.

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Visual Studio 2015 Simplified Chinese Official Edition (Enterprise Edition)
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1. Open Visual Studio and create a new blank page. This example is Design page.

2. In the source page, findBody labelLocate the cursor atDiv tagIn

3. In the web window, selectDesign optionsGo to the design page.

4. Page designtoolbarChoiceHold-allOptions.

5. ExpansionHold-allAfter that, chooseHTML ToolsTable option in.

6. In the web page, a table with three rows and three columns is inserted.

7. Select any cell in the table, right-click it, and then select from the shortcut menu.Insert – > the line aboveIt inserts a row above the cell.

8. Right-click on the cell and selectInsert – > the following lineYou can insert a row below the cell.

9. Place the mouseForm lineIt becomes a double-line arrow.

10. Drag the mouse to change the size of the table as needed.

This is the VS2015 page layout using tables, I hope you like it, please continue to pay attention to developpaer.

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